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Ronnie Hawkins - Southern Love

Sam Carty - I Don’t Mind


Lee Perry/Sam Carty Bird In Hand (1978

"Bird In Hand is actually a cover of a song from a 1950 Indian film called "Babul" (dir. Raj Kapoor). The original song, written by Naushad, is sung by Talat Mehmood and Shamshad Begum. If you want to know what Lee’s singing (check it out!), the original words are:

Milte hi aankhein dil hua deewana kissi ka (x2)

Afsana mera ban gaya afsana kissi ka

Puchho na mohabbat ka asar, haay na puchho

Dam bhara mein koyi ho gaya, parwaana kisika

Afsaana mera ban gaya, afsaana kisika”

Stranger Cole ft. Glandstone Anderson // “Love Me Today”

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Cornell Campbell - Don’t I Always

alternate cut of “Didn’t I”


10cc - Dreadlock Holiday

Stephen & Damian Marley ~ The Traffic Jam

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Deck the halls with lots of collie 

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The Lone Ranger ~ “M 16”

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Mayer Hawthorne ~ Make Her Mine

Bob Marley & The Wailers ~ Fussing and Fighting

We should really love each other 
In peace and harmony
Instead, instead, we’re fussing and fighting 
Like we ain’t supposed to be 

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Big Youth | Keep Your Dread

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Theophilus London feat. The Menahan Street Band ~ Rio

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